Taylor Swift on why she ditched streaming music service Spotify

November 13, 2014, 5:24 PM UTC
Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift.
Photograph by Brian Ach — Getty Images

Time’s exclusive Q&A with Taylor Swift touches on the saga swirling around her less-than-savory opinion of Spotify, the music streaming service that she attests keeps artists from being properly paid. But she also discussed thoughts on her latest album, her female idols and about being a role model to others.

Swift, the subject of the magazine’s latest cover story, admitted coming to a revelation about Spotify that she simply “didn’t like the way it felt” having her music so readily available at such a low price point. For instance, she received just $500,000 in the last 12 months, according to an earlier Time story.

“Well, they can still listen to my music if they get it on iTunes. I’m always up for trying something,” Swift told Time. “I think there should be an inherent value placed on art. I didn’t see that happening, perception-wise, when I put my music on Spotify,” she added.

Swift pulled her catalog of music in its entirety on Nov. 3. Spotify boasts 50 million users total, including 10 million paid subscribers.

The decision to pull her music library from the app came a week after the release of her album 1989.

Swift also detailed during the Q&A that Spotify’s set-up differs from Beats Music and Rhapsody for which “you have to pay for a premium package in order to access my albums.”

She added, “And that places a perception of value on what I’ve created. On Spotify, they don’t have any settings, or any kind of qualifications for who gets what music. I think that people should feel that there is a value to what musicians have created, and that’s that.”

In July, Swift wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal about the subject of music sales and the future of the album. “This shouldn’t be news right now. It should have been news in July when I went out and stood up and said I’m against it. And so this is really kind of an old story,” she told Time.

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