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Microsoft gets round to patching a 19-year-old Windows bug

An image of Microsoft Chairman William HAn image of Microsoft Chairman William H
Bill Gates introduces Windows 95 at the firm's Redmond, Wash., campus 19 years ago.Photograph by Therese Frare — AFP/Getty Images

It’s official — 90s nostalgia has come to the world of computer viruses.

Microsoft (MSFT) announced today that it was releasing a patch for a bug that has been present for every version of Windows since Windows 95, which came out in August of that year. That’s right, a virus that has been around since the days of AOL discs in the mail is just getting patched now.

IBM (IBM) discovered the bug earlier this year, according to the BBC, and worked with Microsoft to fix the problem before announcing it to the public.

Researcher Robert Freeman wrote in a blog post that “the bug can be used by an attacker for drive-by attacks, to reliably run code remotely, and take over the user’s machine.”

The BBC noted that there has never been an example of the bug being used maliciously, but with news of the bug’s existence now out, it’s possible we’ll see attacks on out-of-date computers.