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Singing the Apple Bendgate blues

Even as Apple scrambled overnight to get ahead of Wednesday’s twin screw-up stories — the bendable iPhone 6 Plus and the iOS 8 update sent back to the shop for repairs — its dies horribilis was being immortalized by song-a-day man Jonathan Mann (“Yes my iPhone is borked…“).

On the iOS 8 front, Apple issued an apologetic communique early Thursday with instructions for how to restore cell service and fingerprint recognition and a promise to work “round the clock” on a fix. A new version of iOS 8 will be released, according to a spokesperson, “as soon as it is ready in the next few days.”

Meanwhile, an AppleCare representative chatting unofficially with NTW wrote that bent iPhones will be replaced at the Genius Bar if they pass a “Visual Mechanical Inspection” for signs of abuse.

We’re looking into this with an insane amount of detail,” said the rep.

Below: Mann’s “You’re having a bad day.”


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