10 weirdest reasons for blowing off a job interview

August 29, 2014, 2:14 PM UTC
sorry apology note
sorry apology note
Photo: 101dalmatians—Getty Images/Vetta

It’s safe to say, summer is the prime time of year for skipping out on work-related commitments and just chilling. With the silly season winding down, British recruiting firm Aspire asked its headhunters in the U.K., Singapore, and Hong Kong to recall the strangest excuses they’d heard lately from candidates who either came late to job interviews or never turned up at all. Here’s their list:

“I couldn’t call to cancel because I’ve lost my iPhone.” — email sent from an iPhone

“I can’t make the interview because my laptop exploded in the middle of the night while I was asleep and I am too traumatized.”

“I can’t go to the interview anymore because I spilled apricot jam on the outfit I planned to wear, and I won’t feel as confident in my other clothes.”

“I’m unable to do my [interview] presentation as I put my laptop in my girlfriend’s safe overnight, and now we can’t remember the code.”

“I’m [30 minutes] late because Google Maps was down and I couldn’t find the place.”

“Really bad news, I’m afraid. I went out for dinner last night and have food poisoning. I had mussels at [name of restaurant]. I am not available tomorrow as I have a mini-break booked for Portugal.” — an email sent two hours before the scheduled interview

“Really sorry but I have just arrived at the building and I am not going to be able to make the interview as there is only an elevator to the office and I am claustrophobic.”

“I went to the wrong office by accident.” — after not showing up for a third, final-stage interview

“I can’t go to the interview, as it is raining.”

“I am on a juicing diet and don’t feel my brain is working properly at the moment. Can we reschedule when I’ve lost weight?”

Umm, no, that won’t be necessary, but thanks anyway.

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