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Chrysler recalls 792,000 Jeeps over ignition switch issues

If Chrysler wants to challenge General Motors for the recall crown it still has a long way to go.

The Michigan automaker said Tuesday it is recalling 792,000 older Jeep models due to issues with the ignition switches in certain 2005-2006 Jeep Commanders and 2005-2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs. Chrysler said that contact with the keys in those cars’ ignitions, often made by drivers’ knees, can sometimes move the keys out of the “on” position, causing the engine to stall and the airbags to cease working.

The company said it is aware of only one accident resulting from the issue and there have been no injuries.

Fellow Big Three automaker GM has had its own high-profile issues with faulty ignition switches as that company is currently under investigation after it took 10 years to recall 2.6 million cars with ignition switch issues that caused dozens of crashes and 13 deaths. Further callbacks have brought the total number of GM recalls this year to roughly 29 million vehicles and CEO Mary Barra recently made her latest trip to Capitol Hill to face criticism for her company’s actions.

Chrysler also seems to be getting into the habit of recalling vehicles. The company recalled another 696,000 vehicles, mostly Dodge and Chrysler SUVs and minivans, earlier this month over similar ignition switch issues. That recall came after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it was investigating the company over complaints about the defect.