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A saving grace? Facebook adds new feature to flag posts for later


Facebook users who lack enough time to read their friends’ posts about nights on the town or gawk at their vacation photos now have a way to flag them for later.

The social network introduced a feature on Monday called “Save” that lets users bookmark items in their news feeds including links, places and music. The content is private, although people can choose to share saved items with others.

The new function is expected to be available “over the next few days,” the company said in a blog post.

People can click a button on a post’s upper righthand corner to save it for later. Clicking a tab on the left hand side of the computer screen brings up saved posts. For mobile, users can find the saved items under the “More” tab.

Additionally, the saved items will also “sometimes” appear in the news feed as a reminder, according to Facebook.

The new feature comes as Facebook (FB) has become a go-to spot for news consumption and ahead of its second quarter earnings report, which is expected on Wednesday. Similar to Twitter’s favorite function, the save option allows users to more easily access information for future reference.