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Yahoo CEO’s nap inspires jokes on Twitter

The Internet’s judgment is swift . . . and, sometimes, hilarious.

Coming in the wake of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s napping kerfuffle, at least one person took to Twitter and created a parody account with the handle @tiredmarissa. The account, which sprang up Tuesday afternoon, included several tweets making comical reference to reports that the Yahoo (YHOO) head overslept last week and showed up almost two hours late to a dinner with several media buyers and advertisers in Cannes.

The Twitter (TWTR) account, which appeared to have been taken down a few hours after its debut, gained notoriety for a series of comments over the course of several hours, including a message that read: “Still in bed. Watching Judge Judy.” Another post expressed surprise and outrage at the fact that Yahoo’s annual shareholder meeting kicks off at 8 a.m. PST Wednesday morning.

(In an instance of two memes colliding with one another, the account later touched on a major plot point arising from Tuesday’s World Cup match between Italy and Uruguay when it wondered if it could “hire that Suarez dude to bite me every time I nod off in [a] meeting?”)

Mayer is likely hoping that mini media storm over her sleeping habits ends up being as brief as the lifespan of @tiredmarissa. But, the Yahoo CEO could very well face questions about last week’s tardiness at tomorrow’s shareholder meeting, especially considering that the meeting she was late for was with advertisers, and she fired COO Henrique De Castro earlier this year for failing to re-energize the company’s ad business. Mayer said she would take on De Castro’s responsibilities of courting ad buyers rather than hire a replacement.

Those looking to come to Mayer’s defense Tuesday would likely point out that the executive is the mother of an 18-month old son and was possibly suffering from jet lag from her trip to France. Of Course, Mayer is the same person who has said she eschewed sleep in her early years at Google, when she claims to have pulled hundreds of all-nighters and where she once told a group of associate product managers that they would have “no downtime” on a training trip that gave them little time to sleep.

Maybe Mayer’s restless days are behind her, though it’s also possible she could actually be losing sleep over the fact that her company’s stock is down almost 17% since the start of the year.