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No joke, these businesses are pun-tastic!

June 6, 2014, 7:03 PM UTC

Naming a kid? Tricky. Naming a business? Maybe just as difficult.

But these business are winners for their decisions to use puns in their titles. From big brands to hair salons, here are some of the cheekiest names for businesses, thanks in part to an exhaustive list compiled here. 

Flower shops

One gem of a name that sells flowers in the great state of Washington is The Stalk Market. This Seattle stores roots are in the financial industry, which may have other florists positively, well, green with envy.

Another flower shop with a great name appears in Western Australia. It’s no Bubba Gump’s shrimp shop, but the Florist Gump in Bunbury has a quirky sense of humor in its nod to one of the best American films to come out of the early ‘90s. The shop’s tagline? “We know what love is.”

Furniture shops

Apparently furniture stores are a gold mine for pun-ny names both in the U.S. and abroad. The first, Wooden-It-Be-Nice, appears to be a common name in the industry. With one in Belvidere, Ill., there are others in Connecticut and Michigan. But while the Illinois branch may have a name that inspires levity, they mean business. “At Wooden-It-Be-Nice we take our work very seriously,” states the website.

The second company’s name is just as sweet: Sofa So Good. The Vancouver store prides itself on “being more than just a furniture store.” The site continues, “Vancouver is our home and we strongly believe in supporting our community and our local economy with high-quality, Canadian-made furniture and outstanding customer service.”


“Everybody Wants a 
Pizza D'Action!” proclaims the pizzeria hotspot, Pizza D'Action, based in Holyoke, Mass. The local business’ name, however, isn’t the most obvious for some customers. According to one Yelp review, “I'm sad to say that I lived in Holyoke for 7 years before I got the name of this restaurant. (I know, pathetic, right?)”

To continue the puns in another Massachusetts city, there’s Pete’s-A-Place in Peabody.

Hair salons

In an unlikely patriotic pairing, a couple of hair salons in California and New York strike up a militaristic theme in ode to the U.S. armed forces. First, there’s American Hair Force in Elk Grove, Calif. (and one in Jonestown, Penn. and Spokane Valley, Wash.). There’s also Hair Force One in Holbrook, N.Y.


What better way to enjoy the night than with a great literary classic and a shot of tequila? You can definitely do the later at Tequila Mockingbird in New Canaan, Conn. While there’s no mention of the 1960 novel by Harper Lee, which has some of the most famous characters in 20th century American literature, the place has customers enthralled. "This might be the best name for a restaurant ever," one reviewer wrote.

If you're in need of another bar and find yourself around Newport, R.I. there's Pour Judgment. Just don't let this joint's name fool you.

Big brands

A shopper departs a Staples store in Prospect, Ill.

Staples (SPLS) the supplies super store. You may not typically associate the business' name with a pun. Think staples, like what you use to clip paper together, and food staples, like bread and milk. And there you have it.

Another? Petsmart (PETM). Is it supposed to mean pets’ mart or pet smart? Whatever the case, it’s a catchy name that'll keep you guessing as you grab that fish tank, new canine pal or can of cat food.