10 Great Workplaces for Millennials

May 15, 2014, 3:00 PM UTC

A new study from Great Place To Work, Fortune’s partner for the 100 Best Companies to Work For list, reveals which companies offer the best perks and benefits for Millennials — the youngest generation of the U.S. workforce that boasts 77 million workers between the ages of 18 and 35. After sifting through thousands of survey results and employee comments, the researchers at Great Rated!, GPTW’s employer-review website, identified 10 companies whose workplace cultures are a perfect fit for enterprising entry-level workers. And what do Millennials value most? Fair pay, having a say in decisions and being overseen by competent management top the list. They’re also fans of socializing with coworkers, flexible scheduling, a dedication to philanthropy and community, gym memberships, and wellness programs. Here’s what they had to say.

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Intuitive Research and Technology

Revenue: $187 million
Headquarters: Huntsville, Alabama
Number of employees: 266
Millennial headcount: 32%
Best Companies rank: 2 (Best Medium Companies to Work For)

Millennials at the technology services firm have a life outside of work: 98% say the company encourages them to balance work with their personal lives, thanks to an onsite fitness center, fully-paid medical coverage and unlimited tuition reimbursement. And though Millennials are often viewed as being ultra-casual, the young employees at Intuitive say they value its "best dressed" code, since it demands professionalism. One employee commented, "I enjoy working with each member of my team, all the way up through management. There is a great sense of family, everyone truly cares, and I believe that each person at Intuitive is cheering for me to be successful."

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David Weekley Homes

Revenue: $1.1 billion
Headquarters: Houston
Number of employees: 1,082 (U.S)
Millennial headcount: 27%
Best Companies rank: 13

Millennials at this homebuilder take the company's motto "Building Dreams, Enhancing Lives" to heart: 97 percent say they feel they make a difference, and one employee said, "My work has special meaning. This is not 'just a job.'" Founder and Chairman David Weekley inspires his younger charges with a "servant leadership" ethos that stresses integrity and giving back. One employee commented, "Mr. Weekley puts such an emphasis on philanthropy that it is truly touching. I am in awe at the steps he has taken to better our communities near and far."

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Allied Wallet

Headquarters: Los Angeles
Number of employees: 1,032
Millennial headcount: 97%

More than 90% of the workforce at the 12-year old e-payment processing firm are less than 35 years old. They enjoy great office views on Hollywood's Sunset Strip, special events, fun parties and free Friday lunches where everybody sits and eats together. Top performers are given monthly gifts. Last year the employee of the year received a new Mercedes Benz convertible.

Says one Millennial employee: "The office happy hour is unreal. The people are all off-the-hook."

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Ultimate Software

Revenue: $332 million
Headquarters: Weston, Florida
Number of employees: 1,734
Millennial headcount: 25%
Best Companies rank: 20

This HR and payroll software developer finds reasons to celebrate whenever possible and regularly sponsors cocktail hours and karaoke contests, as well as monthly birthday celebrations. CEO Scott Scherr has created a Silicon Valley culture in South Florida, in part through "48 Hours" events where employees can work on pet projects for a 48-hour period as long as it's related to company goals.

Says one employee: "I feel at home when I come to work, where everyone is happy to see me, and ready to help. I have never had a bad day of work at Ultimate. My manager is so personable and fun, while also having a sense of authority and management. I feel comfortable around her knowing she treats me with respect, and also trusts me to get the job done."

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Revenue: $50.1 billion
Headquarters: Mountain View, California
Number of employees: 42,162
Best Companies rank: 1

Still among the coolest of companies for the younger set, with its famous perks, do-no-evil mantra and world-changing power, Google's workforce, unsurprisingly, is largely Millennial and Gen X. And yes, the benefits are stellar (onsite cafes, wellness centers and services ranging from dry cleaning to bike repair to oil changes), but Millennials also groove to Google's (GOOG) smart leadership: 96 percent say the company has great leadership that welcomes innovative suggestions from employees.

Says one employee: "I am challenged to bring great ideas to the table, and those ideas are valued and encouraged. There is also a significant, dedicated initiative to ensuring employee well being. Access to gyms, relaxation classes, massages, and delicious organic food make Google incredible."

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DPR Construction

Revenue: $2.54 billion
Headquarters: Redwood City, California
Number of employees: 1,356
Millennial headcount: 28%
Best Companies rank: 10

This contracting and construction management firm based in the Bay Area hits the mark with Millennials in part by putting safety first: 99 percent of staff rate it a safe place to work. No wonder — the company offers safety awards and incentives and once gave an employee a new Ford F-150 truck when he achieved 30,000 consecutive work hours without an accident.

The company also ties construction jobs to bigger purposes. When workers reached a milestone on a project to expand a biotech manufacturing facility, it invited a cancer patient to speak to staff. One employee commented, "DPR continues to empower employees and remain true to the core values and mission that it 'Exist to Build Great Things,' and you really feel like you are making a difference alongside some amazing people."

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Boston Consulting Group

Headquarters: Boston
Number of employees: 2,552
Best Companies rank: 3

Employees love the way this strategy consulting firm blends high-impact work, high-integrity leadership, and high levels of camaraderie. And despite a rigorous selection process for employees, Millennials love its friendly culture. BCG gives a hand to those starting out as homeowners; new consultant hires can borrow up to $100,000 from the company at low interest rates to make a down payment on the purchase of a home. Says one employee: "It doesn't feel like a corporate setting. Everyone knows one another and is comfortable chatting as such. It feels like everyone is just a big family. I can be supporting the CEO and it would be just like chatting with a friend. Completely comfortable and inclusive."

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Revenue: $983 million
Headquarters: Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Number of employees: 912
Millennial headcount: 25%
Best Companies rank: 1 (Best Medium Companies to Work For)

This insurance firm is a blast: 97% say it's a fun place to work, thanks to wacky events like a chocolate fair, a circus, lunch-time performances from stand-up comedians, game shows and a talent contest. One Millennial commented, "I have never worked for a company that has an upper management team that is so forthcoming and approachable. They are always praising us and you can tell we actually are making a difference in the organization. I love coming to work and doing my job. It's just an added bonus that we often get special treats like food and gifts as well as parties to celebrate our success as a company."

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Quicken Loans

Headquarters: Detroit
Number of employees: 8,386
Millennial headcount: 64%
Best Companies rank: 5

The online mortgage lender wins over Millennials with a fun, egalitarian culture: 98% of younger employees say they are treated equally regardless of title. Each new team member is given the personal cell phone numbers of the CEO and other members of the leadership team. During Detroit's bankruptcy woes last year, employees said they admired the company's dedication to the city and its ongoing contributions to the community.

And according to one employee: "There is no 'boss' or 'manager' — we have leaders who are willing to help all of our team members. It's 100% open door for any person in the company. You are provided with the atmosphere and materials to be successful here. I'm blessed to have been given this opportunity!"

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World Wide Technology

Revenue: $5 billion
Headquarters: St. Louis
Number of employees: 2,060
Millennial headcount: 35%
Best Companies rank: 34

World Wide Technology co-founder Jim Kavanaugh is a former pro soccer player, and his background in sports has helped set a team mentality that permeates the business.

According to an employee, "I genuinely feel that many of the people care about me and what is going on in my life. They have also allowed me to progress rapidly and at such a young age, not questioning if I can handle it because I'm young. I came in as an intern and they allowed me to hire on full time and become a supervisor. Very few organizations would allow such a young person to progress so quickly through the ranks, recognizing that merit can be proven at any age."

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