Video demos: Microsoft’s Office running on Apple’s iPad

March 28, 2014, 2:32 AM UTC

The official demo started 10 minutes into this 36-minute press event.

FORTUNE — For Apple (AAPL) iPad users who — for whatever reason — are wedded to Microsoft (MSFT) Office, this is a big deal.

The official demonstration of Office for iPad started at the 10 minute mark in Microsoft’s Thursday press event, right after CEO Satya Nadella, the newly appointed successor to Bill Gates and Steve Balmer, delivered his “mobile-first, cloud-first” marching orders.

The new apps are available on the Apple App Store as read-only “fremiums.” To edit or create a new document, you’ll need to sign up for Office 365, an annual subscription service available at several price points, starting at $2.50 a month for students, $5 a month for small businesses.

A few more demos:

Microsoft (1:40):

Mashable (3:36)

CNET (4:50):