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FORTUNE — If you like your pro-Apple agitprop straight — right out of the bottle, no ice, no water — Daniel Eran Dilger is your man.

Dilger, if you’re not familiar with the byline, is Apple’s (AAPL) fiercest defender at AppleInsider, one of the Internet’s most prominent Apple news and rumor websites.

He was on a tear Saturday, ripping into the tech press’ sloppy analysis of Google’s (GOOG) Android business in a scorching 3,000-word essay titled “Google has fooled the media and markets, but hasn’t bested Tim Cook’s Apple.”

Three quotes to get you rolling: 

  • “Anytime you read that Google has claimed some ’80 percent share’ in the mobile market, you can confidently assume the author is an idiot who only repeats numbers he or she does not comprehend and hasn’t given the subject even cursory thought.”
  • “It’s almost as if Apple has to immediately destroy all competition at launch to even be considered anything other than a failure, while Google can do nothing wrong even while publicly blowing billions of dollars and failing to establish even the smallest of victories outside of its single trick related to selling ad placements during web searches.”
  • “Listening to the Google-enraptured tech media’s echo chamber of fears, uncertainties and doubts about the world’s most profitable and successful company, you’d never realize that there’s an incredible bounty of low hanging fruit waiting for Tim Cook’s Apple to harvest, and little but mobile scorched earth left behind Google.”

It’s good Sunday-morning read that will either get your heart pumping or your blood boiling. One or the other.

LINK: Google has fooled the media and markets, but hasn’t bested Tim Cook’s Apple