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Tom Perkins hits back at Kleiner Perkins

Tom Perkins

FORTUNE — Tom Perkins is not too pleased with the venture capital firm that bears his name.

On Saturday, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers distanced itself from its founder, after Perkins penned a letter to The Wall Street Journal that compared today’s “demonization” of wealthy Americans to Nazi Germany’s persecution of Jews in the 1930’s. Today, Perkins went on Bloomberg TV to reaffirm his message — albeit while apologizing for using a Kristallnacht analogy — and also to take some shots at KPCB for “throwing me under the bus.”

“They made quite a point of my not having been involved for some years, and that’s true. And I think that as I’ve distanced myself from the firm, there’s been a core decline in the firm. But i won’t go further than that,” Perkins said, before being prodded to go further. “Their philosophies and strategies have diverged significantly from my own, and my name on the door probably doesn’t mean much, if anything, any more.”

A Kleiner Perkins spokeswoman declined to respond.

You can watch the entire interview over on Bloomberg’s site, or view the KPCB-specific part below:

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