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Excerpted from Asymco’s “A way to measure one’s life.”Excerpted from Asymco’s “A way to measure one’s life.”
Excerpted from Asymco’s “A way to measure one’s life.”

To appreciate the attached chart — displaying the rates at which various technologies, from stoves to smartphones, achieved 91% “saturation” in the U.S.  — you have to see it the way Asymco’s Horace Dediu presented it at his New York Airshow last month: Unfurled on an Apple (AAPL) iPad like a scroll, one year at a time, using free software from Pixxa called Perspective.

Dediu is a master at bringing economic data to life using techniques borrowed from storytelling, cinematography and the visualization principles pioneered by Yale’s Edward Tufte.

In 2013, Dediu began teaching his method in a series of “Airshow” seminars in San Francisco, New York, Helsinki and Boston.

In 2014, he’s taking his Airshow on a 12-city world tour with an interactive twist: His customers will direct his itinerary. The first show will be on Feb. 26 at whichever town gets the most votes. Cost: $500 for the first 20 registrants, $1,000 thereafter.

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LINK: Airshow: World Tour.