Airshow: Beyond pie charts

December 20, 2013, 1:26 AM UTC

To appreciate the attached chart — displaying the rates at which various technologies, from stoves to smartphones, achieved 91% “saturation” in the U.S.  — you have to see it the way Asymco’s Horace Dediu presented it at his New York Airshow last month: Unfurled on an Apple (AAPL) iPad like a scroll, one year at a time, using free software from Pixxa called Perspective.

Dediu is a master at bringing economic data to life using techniques borrowed from storytelling, cinematography and the visualization principles pioneered by Yale’s Edward Tufte.

In 2013, Dediu began teaching his method in a series of “Airshow” seminars in San Francisco, New York, Helsinki and Boston.

In 2014, he’s taking his Airshow on a 12-city world tour with an interactive twist: His customers will direct his itinerary. The first show will be on Feb. 26 at whichever town gets the most votes. Cost: $500 for the first 20 registrants, $1,000 thereafter.

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LINK: Airshow: World Tour.