Apple vs. Android: The state of the mobile Web – 12/1/2013

December 1, 2013, 12:20 PM UTC

Source: Net Market

FORTUNE —  Tim Cook likes to trot out Net Applications‘ monthly reports to show that although Apple’s (AAPL) iOS ceded market share this year to Google’s (GOOG) Android in terms of devices sold, it continues to dominate the Web in terms of devices used — i.e. connected to the Internet and generating the online sales and ad revenues that power the Web economy.

The three charts here — based on Net Market Share reports that Net Applications released Sunday — don’t contradict that. Between them, iPad and iPhone represent more than half of the traffic to the websites operated by NetApplications’ clients.

But the last two charts also show Apple’s Web share shrinking over the past 12 months as the installed base of Android devices gained on and eventually overtook iOS.

Apple may still have an outsized presence on the Web, given its diminishing share of devices in users hands, but Android is closing in. Note in particular the trajectory of Jelly Bean version 4.1, released in July 2012. Its Web share grew nearly seven-fold year over year, from 2% to 13.6%.

LINK: Net Market Share methodology.

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