Chart: What Apple (& Android) did to the mighty Wintel empire

October 11, 2013, 2:17 PM UTC

Source: Asymco

FORTUNE — The makers of Microsoft (MSFT) Windows computers can take some comfort in the fact that, as CNN Money’s Adrian Covert put it Friday, Macs down, PCs up in the third quarter of 2013.

But take a slightly longer view, as the attached chart does, and things look pretty bleak for the once-mighty Wintel empire.

Windows PC growth rates have been shrinking since the first quarter of 2010 and have been in negative territory (i.e., fewer units sold year over year) every quarter for the past six.

The first quarter of 2010, you may recall, is when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad.

It’s not as if the world stopped buying computers. It’s just been buying more computers that look like Apple’s (AAPL) iPad, as evidenced by chart below, posted Thursday by Asymco‘s Horace Dediu.

Link: The Five Year Plan.

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