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Pre-Marketing: Court for Corzine?

* Sarah Frier: Fab’s ascent brings missteps

* Johnny on the spot: Corzine likely to face civil charges

* Justin Fox: Shareholders are ruining American business

* Ben Eisen: Volcker Rule may be exacerbating bond selloff 

* Money boo boo: The Daily Show vs. credit rating agencies

* Peter Clark: Mergers don’t work, but M&A boom will persist

* Morning Call: U.S. futures rise, Europe climbs and Japan falls.

* Robert Morgenthau: Let shooting victims sue

* Election Day: Final polls for Gomez vs. Markey

* Fracking study: Elevated gas in water, but not dangerous

* Hammy: Dallas Fed president warns of “feral hogs” in market

* Shift: TPG cuts in European LBO team, adds to real estate group

* Oops: Greg Mankiw accidentally endorses raising taxes on the 1%

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* Mark Mobius thinks China’s housing problem is as big as U.S. subprime, but result with be different:

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