Apple raises $17 billion in record-breaking bond offering

April 30, 2013, 7:42 PM UTC

FORTUNE — Steve Jobs didn’t like to borrow money. For the nearly 15 years he ran Apple (AAPL) as CEO — interim or otherwise — the company was debt-free and, for the last half-dozen years, cash rich.

But Jobs loved superlatives and nice round numbers with lots of zeroes, and there was much he might have liked about Apple’s first venture into the capital markets in at least 17 years.

Tuesday’s bond offering by the numbers:

  • $144.7 billion: Apple’s holdings in cash and marketable securities — a corporate record
  • $102 billion: Amount held overseas and subject to U.S. taxes if repatriated
  • $100 billion: Amount Apple promised last week to return to shareholders
  • $60 billion: Apple’s three-year stock repurchase plan — the largest ever, according to Tim Cook
  • $17 billion: Amount raised Tuesday — a corporate-bond record
  • $50 billion: Amount of new orders reportedly generated by Apple’s offering

For details on the offering — structured as four fixed- and two floating-rate bonds — see Apple’s registration statement and preliminary prospectus.

UPDATE: The details of the offering, via Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg.