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Fortune Brainstorm Podcast: Marissa Mayer

Each Fortune conference—from Brainstorm Green, Brainstorm Tech, to the Most Powerful Women Summit, and the Global Forum—yields fascinating conversations with the best and brightest minds in business.

Fortune wants to make it even easier for you to eavesdrop. The Fortune Brainstorm podcast is a weekly show that features recorded conversations from Fortune’s live events.

Given that tech giant Yahoo reported first-quarter earnings on April 16, this week’s podcast features a rare public interview with Marissa Mayer, the company’s CEO as of last July. Last November, in her first interview as chief, Mayer sat down with Fortune’s Pattie Sellers to discuss her turnaround plan. Since then, Mayer has made good on her promise to upgrade Yahoo’s tech talent, but she has also faced widespread criticism for her decision to discourage employees from working remotely. As Sellers explains, the goings on at Yahoo are more complicated than they might seem.

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Editor’s Note, April 19, 2013: In the podcast recording, we assert that Marissa Mayer had not publicly discussed Yahoo’s decision to discourage employees from working from home. Mayer discussed this issue in public for the first time yesterday. Here’s Fortune’s take on the event.