Pre-Marketing: Buffett’s golden Goldman deal

March 27, 2013, 3:05 PM UTC

* Buffett’s Goldman deal: 9 million free shares

* Analysis: Tax/profit ratio keeps falling for Dow 30

* Apple’s broken promise: Why doesn’t iCloud “just work?”

* Ashby Monk: Why you lost money on green investments

* Katharine Grayson: Best Buy’s VC group could have learned from Nordstrom

* Morning Call: U.S. futures fall on Italy, Europe climbs and the Nikkei rises.

* Matt Levine: Don’t do it, CalPERS

* Mark Hulbert: Is market timing dead?

* Marc van der Chijs: Why I’m leaving China

* New SEC mandate: Buyout firms to face tender delays

* Over before it began: BlackRock exits the direct private equity biz

* Stimulus success? Mass. biotech spend reportedly getting results

* Emerging market miracle: Building a delivery startup in Istanbul

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* TPG exec on Vietnam: “You’ve got an opportunity to participate in a coming-out party here in Vietnam of biblical proportions.”

* Tweet of the Day: @jbarro: The greatest injustice in the world is that hurling your cell phone across the room does not punish your cell carrier.