Icon Ventures forms from El Dorado’s ashes

March 15, 2013, 10:53 PM UTC

FORTUNE — El Dorado Ventures is kaput, after 27 years of investing in early-stage companies. But two of its partners hope to continue working together, on a new platform that they’re calling Icon Venture Partners.

Fortune has obtained confidential fund offering documents for Icon, which is seeking to raise $80 million for its debut fund (with a $100 million cap). The first $5 million would come from co-founders Charles Beeler (Menlo Park, CA) and Jeff Hinck (Minnetonka, MN), while another $15 million would come from Icon’s large group of venture partners and advisors.

The venture partner ranks include:

  • Zenas Hutchinson, co-founder of zombie venture firm Vesbridge Partners (where Hinck once worked).
  • Don Listwin, former Cisco and OpenWave executive
  • Tom Peterson, co-founder of El Dorado;
  • Phil Soran, co-founder of Compellent Technologies (acquired by Dell, where Soran continued to run the unit)
  • Dennis Johnson, ex-VP of sales and marketing at Compellent Technologies.

Icon’s first fund would invest in between 15 and 20 seed-stage and early-stage technology companies, with a focus on “third wave” enterprise plays.

This strategy mirrors not only recent industry trends, but also what Beeler and Hinck see as their greatest historical strengths. For example, in 2002 the pair co-led the Series A round for Compellent, which provided enterprise storage solutions that automated data management and movement. They ultimately helped invest $24 million into Compellent, which turned into $224 million following the company’s IPO and eventual sale to Dell (DELL).

Icon’s debut fund features fairly standard 2/20 terms, and is planning to hold a close in the second half of 2013.

Beeler declined to comment on Icon, citing SEC solicitation restrictions.

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