BYOD: What do mobile information workers want?

February 4, 2013, 6:40 PM UTC

Click to enlarge. Source: Forrester Research

FORTUNE: The graphic above comes from a survey of 9,766 so-called mobile information workers in 17 countries conducted last quarter by Forrester Research for its usual target audience: corporate chief information officers.

One of the questions Forrester was trying to answer is whether the BYOD (bring your own device) trend — a movement that has undermined the CIOs’ traditional control of the office computing environment — has peaked. The short answer? No. According to the survey, an estimated 258 million workers around the world choose their own laptops and 129 million buy their own smartphones. The next battleground: tablets.

As for the findings in the chart, several points stand out:

  • Currently 37% of all BYOD smartphones run on Google’s (GOOG) iPhones 
  • Currently 12% of mobile enterprise workers use iPads
  • But more — 200 million — hope that their next tablet will run Miscrosoft (MSFT) Windows

“Microsoft’s tablet future looks bright,” Forrester concludes. This despite the fact that sales of Microsoft’s current offerings — the Surface and Surface Pro — have so far failed to move the needle.