Fred Armisen is a funny fanboy

February 1, 2013, 6:20 PM UTC

Brownstein and Armisen in Technology Loop

FORTUNE — For Macworld/iWorld Expo attendees who hadn’t yet discovered Portlandia — the Peabody-award winning sketch comedy series that airs in relative obscurity on the Independent Film Channel — Fred Armisen’s keynote Friday morning was a double treat.

Not only did Armison tell backstage stories from his better-known gig — as a cast member on Saturday Night Live who has played everybody from Steve Jobs to the Queen of England — but he punctuated his appearance with a pair of clever Portlandia clips featuring the Apple (AAPL) products he clearly loves.

Macworld editor Chris Breen, who conducted the interview, queued them up:

Technology Loop: In which Armisen suffers information overload and becomes a top 10 Mind-Fi Fail.

iPhone Drop: In which the life of an iPhone passes before co-star Carrie Brownstein’s eyes.