Pre-Marketing: What flu costs America

January 16, 2013, 5:05 PM UTC

* Robert Cyran: What the flu costs America

* Oops: The banker who put his faith in Lance Armstrong

* Jesse Hicks: How Vegas casinos fight back against cheating

* Morning Call: U.S. futures down ahead of GoldmanEuropean shares slump and the Nikkei tanks.

* Katie Benner: TPG drops out of Dell deal

* CB Insights: No sign of ‘Series A crunch’

* Joe Lonsdale: Palantir worth up to $8 billion

* Crystal ball: Frank Aquila’s 2013 M&A outlook

* Crumbs: Allen Stanford investors could get (tiny) payout

* Long overdue: MassPRIM gets a new private equity boss


* Jennifer Miller: How to solve problems like Sherlock Holmes

* Lucy Marcus: Insulated boardrooms are ineffective boardrooms

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* Tweet of the Day 1: @cabaum1: What did Chuck Schumer get in return for his support for Hagel nomination? Promise from Obama not to touch carried interest?

* Tweet of the Day II: @gaberivera Apple should buyout Dell, shut it down, and give the money back to Apple shareholders. For irony.