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FORTUNE — Samsung reported some pretty spectacular earnings earlier this week, driven in part by the success of handsets like the Galaxy S II. A recent New York Times report suggests the company moved 215 million smartphones last year. Apple (AAPL), with 135 million, sold significantly less.

There’s a reason for that. While Apple released one new iPhone last year, Samsung let loose a whopping 
37 different phone variations
. (For those keeping score, HTC released 18, Nokia introduced nine, and LG launched 24.) Certainly good hardware design played a role in Samsung’s healthy sales. But it also didn’t hurt that the company flooded the market.

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Which begs the question: What would a world with 37 new and different iPhone models look like? Something like this:

  • iPhone Ativ Illiad I930
  • iPhone Universe Grand
  • iPhone Star Deluxe Duos
  • iPhone Universe Axiom
  • iPhone Universe Stratosphere
  • iPhone Universe Discover
  • iPhone Universe Premier
  • iPhone Universe S III mini
  • iPhone Universe Victory 4G
  • iPhone Universe Pocket Duos
  • iPhone Universe Note II
  • iPhone Universe S Lightray 4G
  • iPhone Universe S Duos
  • iPhone Matrix
  • iPhone Universe S III
  • iPhone Universe S III T999
  • iPhone Universe Chat
  • iPhone Extrene III
  • iPhone Universe Appeal
  • iPhone Precept M
  • iPhone Solar 3
  • iPhone Universe S Blaze 4G
  • iPhone Universe S Advance
  • iPhone Universe Y Pro Duos
  • iPhone Spike
  • iPhone Chimera
  • iPhone Bottlerocket
  • iPhone ShowOff II 4G
  • iPhone Stratosphere
  • iPhone Universe Nexus
  • iPhone Universe S II
  • iPhone Spellbind
  • iPhone Flipabout Ultra
  • iPhone Mind Flash
  • iPhone Mind S
  • iPhone Captivate Glide
  • iPhone TripleTime

Feel free to chime in with your own suggestions below.