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Pre-Marketing: Romney’s ‘business’ cred

* Breaking: Vikram Pandit out at Citi

* David Stockman: Mitt Romney wasn’t a businessman

* Retro fraud: Wall St. saviors may wish they weren’t

* Earlydoc: Saving users from Web-enabled hypochondria

* Morning Call: U.S. futures flatEuropean shares climb and the Nikkei rebounds.

* Jennifer Liberto: Facebook ‘likes’ Republicans

* Kevin Dick: There is still no seed investing bubble

* Tonight’s debate rules: No follow-up questions

* New search: What would Paul Graham do?

* David Lee: Starting vs. building a company

* First excerpt: Greg Smith’s Why I Left Goldman Sachs

* Chart of the Day: Avg tax rates for highest payers

* Nancy Stagliano: Translating Nobel science into novel drugs

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* Everything on the table: Greece plans second wave of privatizations

* Jordan Weissman: Conservatives don’t really want America to run like a business

* Tweet of the Day: @shl In San Francisco, we make our software incredibly fast and our coffee incredibly slow.