Apple’s online store is down for the launch of the iPhone 5

September 12, 2012, 2:57 PM UTC

FORTUNE — Apple’s (AAPL) special media event is several hours away, but its online store has already been taken down — further confirmation (as if we needed it) that new products are on their way.

We don’t know if its related, but earlier today 9to5Mac‘s Seth Weintraub was able to get what he believes is confirmation of several details about today’s launch event simply by searching for key phrases, like “iPhone 5.” The trick doesn’t work anymore, but among the secrets it seems to have revealed are:

  • That iPhone 5 is indeed the name Apple is using for the new iPhone
  • That the device will have LTE connectivity
  • That there’s a new iPod touch coming
  • As well as a new iPod nano
  • And yet another version of iTunes — iTunes 11