Look whose Apple price targets are underwater (updated)

August 22, 2012, 11:30 AM UTC

FORTUNE — After Apple (AAPL)‘s third fiscal quarter earnings came in below Wall Street’s expectations, several analysts — including Goldman Sach’s Bill Shope, ISI’s Brian Marshall and BMO’s Keith Bachman — lowered their 12-month price targets (to $790, $710 and $680, respectively).

At least their targets are still higher than Apple’s current price. After setting new record highs two sessions in a row, Apple’s shares did it again Monday, closing at $665.15. That’s above where at least half a dozen analysts predicted the shares would be in 2013. (See UPDATE.)

Here, according to my spreadsheet, are six published price targets that are currently underwater:

See also Apple closed at an all-time high of $636.54 in ‘fear-driven rally’, a post that drew several dismissive comments, including this one:

“What a lot of nonsense. ‘A parabolic move’. Does anyone reading this stuff believe it?”

UPDATE: In his semi-annual update issued Wednesday, Needham’s Charlie Wolf raised his Apple price target to $750 from $620. “Apple,” he writes, “remains a relatively small player in two very large markets—the personal computer and smartphone markets.”

We requested an update from ACI’s Ed Zabitsky on his $270 price target, but he declined. “After your cheap insults,” he wrote, “there is no point in further discussion. For the record, CNBC called me up repeatedly before I finally agreed to be interviewed. Your headline (“Some analysts will say anything to get on television“) was the one that begged to be noticed.”