Apple vs. Samsung: Dueling before-and-after stories

July 26, 2012, 7:58 PM UTC

Click to enlarge. Source: Apple’s brief.

FORTUNE — The image at right, taken from the pretrial brief Apple (AAPL) filed on Tuesday, represents the story the company wants the jury to hear: That Samsung’s idea of what a mobile phone should look like underwent a sudden and permanent transformation in January 2007, when Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone.

The image below, from Samsung’s brief, tells a very different story. It shows 10 different touchscreen phones under internal development in the summer of 2006, one of which — the F700 — was, according to Samsung, the subject of a Korean design registration application in Dec. 2006, a month before the iPhone’s debut.

We can’t know ahead of time which story the jury will find most persuasive. But billions dollars — and Samsung’s right to sell Android devices in the U.S. market — could be at stake.

Click to enlarge. Source: Samsung brief.