Today in Tech: Why YouTube will be a $3.6 billion business this year

June 22, 2012, 5:10 PM UTC

The secret to Reddit’s massive success; 3 reasons why Microsoft’s Surface warrants a serious look. 

YouTube’s gigantic year is already here, Citi says [ALLTHINGSD]

The video site should generate more than $3.6 billion in gross revenue this year, says Citi’s Mark Mahaney. After distributing some of that to partners, Google probably records net revenue of $2.4 billion, he says.

How Reddit got huge: Tons of fake accounts [MOTHERBOARD]

But in terms of power, not traffic, Reddit is certainly up there. It’s huge, it’s deep, and it’s got an uncanny ability to push content into the viral zone (which should be the name of a TV show) and basically be the Internet’s tastemaker. But how did it get that way? Well, according to Reddit cofounder Steve Huffman, in the early days the Reddit crew just faked it ‘til they made it.

Nokia phone sales face more hurdles [THE WALL STREET JOURNAL]

The Finnish handset maker tied itself closely to Microsoft last year by agreeing to adopt the software giant’s Windows Phone operating system for its smartphones. Microsoft announced this week it will launch the next version, Windows Phone 8, in the fall, but the software won’t be able to run on current Lumia phones. That could make it tricky for Nokia to sell Lumia handsets if consumers bypass the current Lumia lineup in favor of waiting for upgraded software.

3 reasons Microsoft’s Surface is no joke [FORTUNE]

The company is clearly trying to make tablets into hybrid PC-mobile devices, something its California rival has said is a bad idea. We don’t yet know all of Surface’s details — battery life, pricing, official release dates are all to-be-determined for instance. But here are three important reasons Microsoft’s Surface is likely to be anything but dead on arrival…’s domain power play: We want to control them all [CNET]

If gets its way — and that’s still a big “if” — it will soon control 76 new domain extensions on the Internet. Most observers had expected the company to apply for .amazon and .kindle, but it seems that was just for starters: Amazon’s ambitions also include a host of generic terms, including the likes of .free, .like, .game, and .shop.

Facebook is now rolling out the ability to edit your comments [THE NEXT WEB]

The company told TNW that it has just started rolling out the ability to edit your own comments. It will be available to everyone in the next couple of days in case you’re not seeing it just yet.