Today in Tech: Google says 900,000 Android devices activated daily

June 11, 2012, 4:55 PM UTC

Apple’s Tim Cook says hello: The full D10 interview [ALLTHINGSD]

While clearly playing it close to the vest, he ranged over a wide number of topics, from secrecy at Apple (it’s now apparently been doubled!) to the iPhone to controversies in China to a possibly more social partnership with Facebook to more television efforts to, of course, the legacy of Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs, who died last year.

Microsoft ‘mulled Nokia buyout, ran away screaming’ [THE REGISTER]

The reason for Microsoft not already owning Nokia is twofold: Nokia didn’t want to sell, and Microsoft didn’t want to buy. Both are entirely rational positions to hold. Nokia still has time and cash with which to mount a fightback. Microsoft has time to generate an “ecosystem”, the clunky technology buzzword for what the rest of the world calls “markets”.

Days of wild user growth appear over at Facebook [THE WALL STREET JOURNAL]

In particular, Facebook’s user growth rate in the U.S. is slowing sharply. In April, U.S. unique visitors to the website increased to 158 million, up just 5% from a year earlier, according to research firm comScore Inc. That was Facebook’s lowest U.S. user growth rate since comScore began tracking the data in 2008 and was down from 24% growth in April 2011 and 89% in April 2010, comScore said.

Andy Rubin denies rumor he’s leaving Google, cites 900k Android activations per day [THE VERGE]

The rumor was enough to get Rubin — who has only tweeted ten other times since joining Twitter in 2010 — to post his eleventh tweet, denying the rumor and taking the opportunity (“for meme completeness,” he says) to point out that there are now over 900,000 Android devices activated daily, up moderately from the 850,000-per-day figure he’d mentioned at MWC in February.