Survey: Apple iPad’s ‘massive domination’ of market persists

June 5, 2012, 11:20 AM UTC

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FORTUNE — When ChangeWave polled 1,400 early adopter types in March, 86% of those planning to buy a tablet had their eye on Apple’s (AAPL) iPad.

The numbers are somewhat lower in a follow-up survey posted Tuesday under the headline Who Poses the Biggest Threat to Apple’s iPad?

Still, the answer seems to be none of the above. In a poll of 2,893 consumers conducted in May, 7% planned to buy a tablet within the next 90 days, and 73% of those planned to buy an iPad.

None of the iPad’s competitors rose above single digits.

At least the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s ChangeWave share, at 6%, was growing — up from 3% in March. The Amazon (AMZN) Kindle’s share still hasn’t recovered from its post-Christmas collapse, as the chart below indicates.

A clue to Amazon’s problem, according to ChangeWave, is a 15-point decline in Kindle satisfaction ratings, from 56% “very satisfied” in February to 41% in May. The iPad’s ratings, meanwhile, remain in nosebleed territory. See below.