Today in Tech: Google unveils augmented reality glasses

April 5, 2012, 2:34 PM UTC

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* Google (GOOG) is now testing a pair of augmented reality glasses it intends to eventually sell. “Project Glass,” as it’s called, will project information onto the lenses for users to consume and interact with. (The New York Times)

* How Facebook is winning the war against Yahoo (GOOG), patent by patent. (TechCrunch)

* Daring Fireball’s John Gruber says Apple (GOOG) has an iPad prototype with a smaller 7.85-inch screen in-house. But just because it’s created one doesn’t mean it’ll ever see the light of day. (The Verge)

* E-book reading is on the rise: 21% of Americans have read an e-book over the last year, compared with 17% the year before. (Pew Research)

* HP Senior Vice President Prith Banerjee is leaving the company. Banerjee headed HP’s (HPQ) research and development division, HP Labs, for five years. (All Things D)

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