Pre-Marketing: OWS eviction edition

November 15, 2011, 4:14 PM UTC

* Is Foley Sq the new Zuccotti Park? NYPD evicts OWS protesters

* Tim Geithner’s best asset: Everybody hates him

* Secrets & stock: SEC let Buffett keep IBM purchases quiet

* Debate: Krugman vs. Summers on if U.S. is turning into Japan

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lowerLondon falls earlyEuropean shares retreat and the Nikkei dips.

* Clive Thompson: Why kids can’t search

* Sramana Mitra: Reengineering capitalism

* Smart cookies: Girl Scouts learn financial literacy

* Uh-oh: New documentary says Gulf oil spill crisis isn’t over

* Gary Weiss: E&Y misses mark with latest Entrepreneur of the Year award

* Congressional inside trading: Rep. Spencer Bachus should resign in disgrace

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* Partisan email: GOP voters use AOL, Democratic voters use Gmail

* Academia: Stock prices go up after mentions on CNBC (even if the mention is negative)

* Tweet of the Day: @darrenrovell Not selling Knicks, Celtics, Lakers, Heat & Bulls tickets in a season is easily $10M in commissions for StubHub.

* Tweet of the Day II: @matthewstoller: Little known NYC fact – the city cleans all public places at 1:30 am on Mondays in riot gear.