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Abu Dhabi’s city in the sea

FORTUNE — Thanks to a bountiful supply of oil, the financial crisis did not hit Abu Dhabi as hard as it did other United Arab Emirates like Dubai. Abu Dhabi is still pursuing its ambitious urban development plan, Economic Vision 2030. The project includes a major urban expansion, notably a new commercial center, Sowwah Island, which will be home to 30,000 people and harbor luxury residences, hotels, marinas, and at its heart, the new headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (below). –Alex Konrad

By the numbers:

$500 billion: Amount Abu Dhabi plans to sink into industry and tourism during the course of the Vision 2030 project. The emirate hopes the investment will double its GDP growth.

$78 billion: The market cap of listings on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, based on 65 stocks. It is well below its level prior to the subprime crisis but has bounced back some since 2008.

3.3 miles: Length of the new seawall that surrounds Sowwah Island. The new city will have 13 bridges, its own subway, and climate-controlled pedestrian passageways.

Sources: Arab Monetary Fund, government of Abu Dhabi, Mubadala Real Estate and Hospitality, Zawya

This article is from the August 15, 2011 issue of Fortune.