100 great things about America

July 1, 2011, 1:00 PM UTC

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76. Diners
Stainless steel, swivel counter stools, and breakfast anytime.

77. Old Spice
Those quirky ads brought it back into the public eye, but the iconic red stick has been sweetening your scent since 1938.

78. Disneyland/Disney World
Parents and kids simply say they’re “going to Disney.”

79. Philly cheesesteaks
Pat’s, Geno’s — or Jim’s. Often imitated, never duplicated.

80. Xerox PARC
The Silicon Valley lab where Ethernet and laser printing were born; a veritable genius center for the hatching of big tech ideas.

81. Tina Fey
Don’t judge Bossypants by its cover: She’s a comic genius.

82. Blogging
We’re all writers now. Uh-oh …

83. Politicians who Tweet
For better … and for way worse.

84. The Gulfstream G650
It’s fly like a G6, because it is one.

85. Coppertone sunblock
Now owned by Merck (MRK), and sporting the same logo of the girl and her dog since 1953.

86. Food-labeling requirements
So that we can’t eat red velvet cake guilt-free.

87. Drive-in movies
Believe it or not, there are still some 400 left.

88. Exxon Mobil
Hardly loved by all, but the most profitable company on the Fortune 500. And that’s American right there.

89. Sesame Street
The place for the ultimate celebrity cameo.

90. Starbucks
How does it come up with new flavors of Frappuccino that seem to cost just slightly more than the last one?

91. Brian Williams
Hard not to like his brains, humor, and 30 Rock appearances.

92. Mark Zuckerberg
From Facebook to cookbook? Zuck will now be eating only animals that he kills himself.

93. Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren, J.McLaughlin
Preppy clothing brands outfitting Nantucket-goers and wannabes year-round.

94. Sully Sullenberger
The man, the legend, the miracle maker, and now the aviation expert at CBS News.

95. Steven Spielberg
Jaws, Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, E.T., Saving Private Ryan. Boom.

96. Girl Scout Cookies
Creating Thin Mint addicts across the nation.

97. Subway
Jared’s sandwich shop dethroned McDonald’s (MCD) this year as the biggest fast-food chain in the world.

98. Jeopardy!
Answer: America’s favorite quiz show. Question: What is Jeopardy!?

99. The Pulitzer Prize
Identifying our best and brightest in journalism, literature, and music.

100. National Lampoon’s Vacation
The Griswolds’ epic cross-country adventure (see Nos. 2 and 63). What better way to kick off summer?

–List compiled by Daniel Roberts, Eno Alfred, Tara Moore, Colleen Leahey and Fortune staff

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