Art galleries on the go

June 24, 2011, 9:32 PM UTC

By Rasely Ma, contributor

FORTUNE — Interested in perusing works of art on display around the world from renowned artists like Pablo Picasso and Richard Prince? The Gagosian Gallery has made an app for that.

The Gagosian, which features contemporary artwork in more than ten locations around the world, has launched its first app for the iPad. Called the Gagosian, the app features works from more than 20 artists, along with in-depth information on each one. The downloadable app, which will come out quarterly and is free of charge, was designed by Radical Media.

“This app is another way for art to reach the public,” says Kara Vander Weg, the manager of publications and limited editions at the Gagosian. In addition to the featured artists, the app includes almost everything you expect on a website, plus extras like a 360-degree view of the exhibition rooms, and a tool to zoom into the artworks to see the detail of brush strokes. It also includes archival footage and interviews from current and past exhibitions.

Museums such as the New York’s MoMA and Musée du Louvre in Paris have been offering art lovers access to their exhibits on apps for more than a year now. But the Gagosian is the first major art gallery to launch this type of app for the iPad.

Galleries typically feature works for sale, but for now, you can look but you can’t buy artwork via the Gagosian app. The shop section of the app sends users to the gallery’s website, where they can purchase books, t-shirts, posters, and the like from the Gagosian Gallery. To buy yourself a Picasso, you still need to do it at auction. Or, as Gagosian hopes, at the gallery.

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