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Your Subway sub: Still 5 bucks

April 28, 2011, 1:00 PM UTC

Onion hoagies anyone? Food prices are hitting record highs, and that could spell trouble for restaurants and fast-food chains. Major chains like Subway are more insulated than most, thanks to their collective buying power and long-term contracts — which is why the Cold Cut Combo pictured below, one of Subway’s “$5 Footlongs,” still costs $5. Small businesses and international consumers, however, might not be so lucky; the price of lettuce has nearly quadrupled, thanks to freezes in the Southwest (onions weren’t affected). Another boost to Subway: Many of its featured footlongs contain no beef (up 19% in a year). In fact, both the “salami” and “ham” in the Cold Cut Combo are actually turkey (but even that is up almost 15%). –Anne VanderMey