Pre-Marketing 4.6.11

April 6, 2011, 3:35 PM UTC

* Peter Lattman: The private equity parallels with Buffett/Sokol

* Ronald Barusch: A time bomb in the Texas Instruments/National Semi deal

* Maryam Omidi: What will the new super-exchange be named? NYSDAQNext?

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises earlyEuropean shares fall and the Nikkei drops on output concerns.

* Gady Epstein: Who trusts China?

* Buttonwood: The five stages of sovereign debt grief

* Open government: New York City data is now available to entrepreneurs

* Ben Horowitz: The most difficult CEO skill is managing your own psychology

* Video: Michael Steinhardt says Warren Buffett has “managed to achieve a snow job that has conned virtually everyone in the press.”

* 10 big tech stocks have outperformed Apple (AAPL) this year, and they all have something in common

* The indefatigable Heidi Moore returns to the full-time online grind, as part of her MarketPlace gig. But “don’t call it a blog.”

* Tweet of the Day: @ChadwickMatlin Government shutdown eerily shadowing plot of Parks and Rec Season 2. Just need Rob Lowe to head back to the White House.

* Tweet of the Day II: @jbarro Median respondent in CNN poll guessed 5% of federal budget is spent on public broadcasting. That would be $178 billion.