Google closes the book on the CR-48

March 11, 2011, 7:25 PM UTC

You can’t get any more CR-48 ChromeOS prototype laptops, but the real things are coming soon.

In a quick tweet last night, Google’s (GOOG) Chrome Lead, Sundar Pichai, Tweeted that Google had run through its supply of the CR-48 laptops.  He also reiterated Google’s plans to release partner devices mid-year.  So far, the only partners that have been named are Acer and Samsung.  However, last year, on a number of occasions, HP (HPQ) and Dell (DELL) versions of the ChromeOS were floating around.

HP might be a tough ChromeOS sell because of its recent webOS acquisition.  HP CEO Leo Apotheker told a crowd this week that every HP PC would ship with webOS in 2012.  That doesn’t leave much room for ChromeOS, which will compete with webOs.  HP also killed Android on its printers late last year but has promised and delivered support for Google’s Cloud Print standard, which will be integral to ChromeOS adoption.

Both my colleague JP Mangalindan and I found the CR-48’s to be lacking a bit in the hardware department.  The software, however, shined or at least had potential to on a faster laptop.  With some better specs, Google might have something interesting for the corporations, kiosks and no-frills users of the world.

It will be interesting to see what Samsung and Acer can do with the ChromeOS.  Honestly, I’m hoping to see Samsung do a ChromeOS version of this:


via ChromeSource and LaptopMag

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