Google opens Android Market web store

February 2, 2011, 8:02 PM UTC

As part of today’s announcements, Google released an Android market that exists in a web page.

The Android Market is live on the web now but good luck trying to sign in.  For me and what appears to be many others, the Android Market won’t allow you to sign in (but browsing the market anonymously appears to work fine).  Google (GOOG) says they are working on it and should have things in order shortly.

The move to the web is a smart one.  Google says you no longer need a cord to connect content to your smartphone but most Android users have been using their phones alone to get apps for a long time.  The big missing piece today was Google Music, which recent rumors have indicated is going slower than Google has anticipated.  Securing rights to music content has been trickier that Google had originally thought and it appears that will be put off for a couple more months.

Google also introduced in-app purchasing today which will debut in the coming months.  Those with Apple’s (AAPL) iOS devices will be familiar with the ability to purchase levels, in-game currency, etc. from inside the app.  Android apps will now share that capability which could be a big money maker for perspective developers.