Pre-Marketing 12.15.10

December 15, 2010, 5:34 PM UTC

* Fred Wilson: Don’t double down on the overpay

* Heidi Moore: Federal money for cleantech companies is drying up

* Stacy-Marie Ishmael: We need a new name for emerging markets (I like her suggestion, no matter how self-serving)

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls early, European shares retreat on Spanish banks and the Nikkei holds its gains.

* Steven Davidoff: Re-examining the poison pill

* Sucheta Dalal: India’s shrinking investor population

* Carl Icahn puts his money where his mouth was, agreeing to buy Dynegy (DYN) for $5.50 per share.

* Jonathan Braude: Could some buyout funds be starved for selling companies to one another?

* President Obama today will meet with 18 CEOs, plus reps of the VC (John Doerr) and private equity (Mark Gallogly) industries. Wait a minute, weren’t Doerr and Gallogly supposed to be members of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Ditto for meeting attendees Penny Pritzker and Jeffrey Immelt. Are they there to front for their “boss,” or was that board stillborn?

* Partisan ninnies: Four Republicans on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission will issue a separate report, in which it will blame the fed gov’t for creating conditions in which no one thought housing prices could fall. That’s right, no responsibility on Wall Street. In fact, the Republican members have banned the phrase “Wall Street” from their final document.

* Stephen Colbert is Twitter’s most retweeted:

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