Pre-Marketing 12.10.10

December 10, 2010, 5:50 PM UTC

* The United States of autocomplete

* Mark Suster: Data is the next major layer of the cloud

* Corporate cash coffers have risen to a record $1.93 trillion. And high unemployment is Obama’s fault because…

* Remember when all the M&A world seemed to talk about was MACs (“Does this count? How about this?”). Well, they still matter, and Nixon Peabody has published a report on the state of MACs in 2010.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London opens flat,  European shares rise and the Nikkei falls on profit-taking.

* Look out: The BDCs are back

* What would Stephen Schwarzman read?

* Dan Loeb: Bernanke’s 60 Minutes interview was a “staged infomercial.”

* Karma alert: The Winklevoss twins are accused of pilfering someone else’s idea

* Biotech company teams with Harvard to crack DNA sequence of Hatian cholera strain

* Alison Damast: “B-schools are now finding more alumni willing to give but less generous in their gifts.”

* World map of social networks: “Facebook has stolen new important nations from local, previously strong, competitors.”

* Steven Pearlstein: “Like it or hate it, one thing you can say about the tax deal that President Obama struck with Republicans is that it sure beats the one hammered out by Democratic leaders in Congress. That’s because Democratic leaders never actually produced one that had a chance of being enacted.”