Caught on German Streetview: A birth and a birthday suit

November 23, 2010, 7:21 PM UTC

This has been an exciting week for the street view cars, which can’t seem to keep themselves out of trouble.

From Gizmodo [update: this image has been confirmed as a hoax], a baby’s birth on the sidewalk caught by a streetview car (hopefully the driver was nice enough to call/stop for help) in Wilmersdorf, Germany:

Down the autobahn, a German man who is just as clothed as that baby who appears to be escaping the trunk of a car:

Also what happened to the back end of that Dog? (via the Telegraph)

Both images have since been replaced or removed by Google (GOOG).

Perhaps the German populace enjoys these voyeristic escapades.  A group of German teens recently went on a rampage egging houses that opted to blur themself out of Google Streetview.

Deutsche Welle reports that on Saturday, several homes in the Bergerhausen area of Essen that opted to be blurred were hit with eggs. “Google’s Cool” notes were also taped to their mailboxes. Der Westen reports similarly, in German here. Neither gives the exact number of homes involved nor are pictures of the eggings posted.