Harvard vs. Stanford: Which builds a better entrepreneur?

November 16, 2010, 4:38 PM UTC

(poetsandquants.com) — When you think of the world’s best business schools, you inevitably think of two great rivals: Harvard and Stanford.

For decades, Harvard has long been known as the West Point of Capitalism, the breeding ground of the corporate elite, while Stanford has smartly used its Palo Alto location to serve as a highly productive incubator for Silicon Valley.

Harvard is hoping to change that simplified view.

“There is a great myth about some other institutions and the degree to which they represent entrepreneurship,” says William A. Sahlman, who teaches entrepreneurial finance at Harvard. “It’s total fiction. We have a higher proportion of our faculty and a higher number teaching entrepreneurship than other schools have faculty.”

The Harvard offensive has kicked into full gear today with the publication of The Intelligent Entrepreneur, a book by author Bill Murphy Jr. on three successful Harvard MBAs from the class of 1998 who turned down safe jobs at big companies to launch their own enterprises.

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