Today in Tech

November 12, 2010, 12:40 PM UTC

Every day, the Fortune staff spends hours poring over tech stories, posts, and reviews from all over the Web to keep tabs on the companies that matter. We’ve assembled the day’s most newsworthy bits below.

  • Photo: Yahoo

    Reports are surfacing that Yahoo’s upper management must cut between 10% and 20% of its 14,100-strong staff. Yahoo says via an official statement the reports are “misleading and inaccurate,” but outlets like TechCrunch are sticking by their sources. (

  • The Obama administration is prepping a report that will break down its strategy for better policing Internet privacy. Among the various proposals: new laws and a new position geared towards supervision of this effort. (AFP)
  • Chances are very, very good Facebook will indeed unveil a full-fledged integrated web-based email client at this Monday’s event. If so, this may go a long way to explaining the recent tiff with Gmail over importing contacts. (Download Squad and TechCrunch)
  • The Daily Beast-Newsweek merger is almost a done deal. Should it come to pass, Daily Beast web site editor Tina would also run the flailing weekly mag, which sold for $1 last August to stereo tycoon Sydney Harman. (The Wrap)
  • In response to Oracle’s lawsuit against Google over supposed Java-related copyright issues, Google pretty much says its not their problem. In a statement, the search engine giant also alleges Oracle edited portions of their amended complaint to potentially better suit their cause. (Groklaw)
  • Adding to the Google-Facebook tension, Google reportedly offered one of its engineers $3.5 million to turn down a job offer from the social network and stick around. (Virtual Economics)
  • Google 24/7 editor Seth Weintraub reviewed Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablet. Says Weintraub: “If I was only allowed one mobile device besides my computer, I’d pick the Galaxy Tab.” (Fortune)
  • Believe it or not, Microsoft’s quickly-aborted mobile foray into social (read: Kin One and Two) may be returning to Verizon — at least if the company’s leaked fourth quarter 2010 device overview is to be believed. (Neowin)

    Photo: Microsoft
  • Twitter announced its 175 million-plus users can now connect their accounts to iTunes and use Ping, Apple’s music-focused social network. (TechSpot)
  • A Square spokesperson shot down speculation that CEO Jack Dorsey is playing a more active role in Twitter to “fix” the product. (MobileBeat)
  • Microsoft says its Xbox 360 console is only used by owners for gaming 60% of the time, attributing that stat to expanding options of what they can do with the system. (winrumors)
  • The Apple TV is topping Amazon’s “Most Wishes For in Computers & Accessories” list. (Fortune)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops from developer Activision Blizzard set a new record for first-day sales with $360 million in the U.S. and U.K. (redOrbit)