Pre-Marketing 11.12.10

November 12, 2010, 5:15 PM UTC

* Om Malik: When it comes to startups, investors are never the story

* Stephen Gandel: Will Sarah Palin and the Tea Party cause hyper-inflation?

* Goldman Sachs: Capital holding rules at U.S. banks are hurting the economy

* Blackstone Group exec says that Warren Buffett’s criticism of private equity has a self-serving “agenda.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls on Irish debt woes, European shares slide and the Nikkei sheds 1%.

* Fred Wilson sees storm clouds approaching

* David Tom: Improving cash-on-cash returns

* Next Monday, Facebook will introduce its Gmail killer.

* Kevin Roose: Seeking guidance on Dodd-Frank’s diversity clause

* The future of Instagram will be a big test for the signaling risk theory in seed investing.

* Viacom wants to ditch Rock Band maker Harmonix. Console game publishers shudder.

* Playing Tetris can reduce PTSD flashbacks. Well, unless your original trauma involved geometric puzzles.

* Ever wonder what happened to Arsenio Hall? Looks like he’s pitching online payday loans. Woof, woof woof.

* Tweet of the Day: @paulpierce34: It’s been a pleasure to bring my talents to south beach now on to Memphis

* Tweet of the Day II: @coffeygrinds: Over Heard: Obama was in India yesterday visiting our jobs. tomorrow he is on to China to visit our money.

* Larry Sonsini says more 3Par-like bidding wars are on the way:

[vimeo 16322584]