Pre-Marketing 11.11.10

November 11, 2010, 5:29 PM UTC

* Ben Schulman: Return to Pittsburgh

* Fanboy fascination: Is Andreessen Horowitz overhyped?

* Jesse Eisenger: The Fed’s quantitative easing is “like the exhausted Saw movie franchise. This isn’t just a sequel. It’s more like the third iteration of the second reboot — harder core, baser and for serious liquidity heads only.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures rebound, London falls early, European shares slip and the Nikkei rises.

* Brian Ascher: Why are VCs so scared of hospitals?

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* Today’s tastiest auction: The maker of Necco wafers hits the block

* Matthew Lynley: The world’s biggest phonemakers are falling behind

* Phil Falcone has a big problem: Blackstone and Goldman want their money back

* A Brooklyn rabbi is convicted of trying to shake down hedge fund manager Steve Cohen for $4 million.

* Obama appears ready to accept a permanent extension of all the Bush-era tax cuts. Expect yacht sales — and future deficit projections — to soar.

* More Madoff auction items are disclosed, including some Madoff Investment Securities tote bags (come on, you know you want one)

* At least one person at Google won’t be getting that raise: The leaker has been fired.

* Bloomberg TV tonight profiles Henry Kravis, as part of its Game Changers series. Here’s a preview: