Google Instant comes to iOS and Android 2.2

November 4, 2010, 8:21 PM UTC

The streaming search service from Google is now in your pocket.

Reports are coming in from both blogs and Google (GOOG) that Google Instant is now working on mobile devices.

Like the desktop version of Google Instant, when you type on your mobile device you’ll see predictions of what you might be searching for. If you type [anse], for example, you should see [ansel adams] along with other predictions. Results for the first prediction appear automatically, and tapping on the other predictions will display those results. Pressing the enter key or the search button skips the predictions and will display results for exactly what you’ve typed. Check out our demo video:


On Android you’ll at least 2.2 and on iPhone/iPod it appears to be working in iOS 4.0+ with other devices to follow.  The service is currently only available in the US but will be rolling out globally in the days and weeks ahead.