Facebook app skips over iPad and lands on Android tablets

November 3, 2010, 9:06 PM UTC

The new Android App looks pretty darn good on my Galaxy Tab.

I’m not sure why Facebook isn’t delivering a great app for the iPad, but I fired up the Android Market after Mark Zuckerberg’s Mobile announcement today and found a brilliant new app waiting for my Samsung Galaxy Tab.  Sure, it is the same app that phones like the Sprint EVO and Verizon Droid use but because Android scales to many different resolutions, it works great on my 7-inch, 1024×600-pixel Android tablet as well.

EVO left, Tab right. Red line drawn showing extra space

As you can see from from the image, the app is much bigger than what you see on a smartphone, even one with a 4.3 inch screen like an EVO.

The pictures are simply stunning …

Image taken with camera phone (they look great, believe me)

iPad owners aren’t totally left out.  They can download the 320×480 iOS app designed for iPhone and iPod touch.  However, because of the differences in the way iOS and Android development work (iOS is pinned down to certain resolutions), most people will pass on using a small and or pixellated Facebook app on the iPad.  Most will continue to go to http://touch.facebook.com which is a pretty good “web app.”

Mark Zuckerberg told the crowd today that there wasn’t a Facebook app for the iPad because the iPad is not a mobile device.  I guess we now know the difference between the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad.