Google code slip reveals new Docs features

November 2, 2010, 6:29 PM UTC

Third-party Applications, Cloud Printers and Sync Services appear to be en route for Google Docs.

The unofficial Google Operating System Blog revealed today that Google may soon be offering some new features to its Docs service. The code was uncovered in a Docs webpage and seems to indicate three new features that have long been talked about as upgrades:

Via Google Operating System blog

Cloud printing will allow users to print to any Cloud-enabled printer in the world using the Internet.  ChromeOS computers will use Cloud printing as will some mobile devices, including Google’s (GOOG) Android phones and tablets.

Third party applications could include products from Google’s Enterprise Apps division.  It isn’t clear if they will be free, ad-based or a bolt-on pay service yet.  Google’s ChromeOS store is also due soon so there might be some tie-ins there as well.

Sync services are likely another ChromeOS feature, which will allow multiple devices to sync files and settings to the Cloud.  For instance, Google already has most of your files in the cloud, but if you want to take them offline, you need to download them to your disk.  If you make changes while they are local (or in a local web database) they will need to sync back to the version stored on Google’s servers.

Again, these all seem to be features that will be integral to Google’s ChomeOS Smartbooks, which are due (for at least an announcement) by the end of the month.